Clean raw whole milk...

Our first priority as herd managers is to consistently provide the highest quality and safest raw milk for all of our herdshare owners. 

Our raw milk testing program...

We utilize industry standard testing technologies to help ensure the raw milk herdshare owners drink is clean and safe. Our raw milk is Tested three times per week and once per month by a 3rd party laboratory.


Standard Plate Count (SPC) Testing:
Our raw milk is tested for standard plate count (SPC) 3 times per week.

SPC is the primary test for determining bacterial density (the quality) of fresh raw or pasteurized grade A milk. We consistently exceed state requirements for SPC’s.

Prior to pasteurization the state of California requires raw milk SPC count not to exceed 50,000 which must be reduced to 15,000 or less after pasteurization. Our raw milk achieves 15,000 or less per milliliter WITHOUT undergoing pasteurization.


Coliform Testing:
We also test for Coliforms 3 times per week. Coliform bacteria count is an indicator of the level of sanitation employed during the handling and processing of milk and milk products.

California has a requirement for Grade A producers to have no more than ten coliforms per milliliter of raw milk. Our goal is to meet, or exceed this requirement. Milk that is intended for pasteurization is allowed to have 750 coliforms per milliliter of milk prior to pasteurization and must be reduced to 10 milliliters after pasteurization. Our raw milk achieves 10 coliforms per milliliter WITHOUT undergoing pasteurization.


Pathogen Testing:
We have our raw milk tested monthly for Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria Monocytogenes, and E.coli O157:H7 by a 3rd party lab.

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Herd Health Testing:

Herd Health Testing: All cows are blood tested by a licensed veterinarian every year to be verified free of

  • Bovine tuberculosis
  • Brucellosis

Each day’s milking receives its own unique ID which allows us to efficiently connect it to test results. This also helps identify which lot each herdshare owner's milk comes from.

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