How Herd Shares Work

Herd shares allows you to get raw, whole milk without having to keep and milk your own cows.

Herdsharing is a legal arrangement in which a number of people own a herd and pay the farmer to milk and take care of the herd.

One reason farmers offer herdshares is because in most states it is legal for you to drink raw milk from your own cows—without regulation—so by owning a share in a cow or a herd, you are an owner, and that entitles you to its byproducts, i.e. milk and manure.

Shares are $125 each, plus a $65 per share monthly fee for board, feed, care and milking. A shareholder is entitled to about one gallon of milk per week per share, depending on production.

You may sell your share(s) back to us at anytime and receive $100 of the $125 per share back. $25 of every share purchased goes into a replacement cow fund in the event a cow dies, quits milking or just needs to be replaced.

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